To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful care given to our aunt. She has no immediate family besides us, her nieces and nephews. She arrived at Palm Gardens after close to a week in Maimonides. The wonderful care and excellent therapy she received helped tremendously to bringing her to where she is today, approximately six weeks after she was admitted.

She went from barely being able to take a few steps to walking independently! We are forever grateful. We also appreciate all the nurses and aides, all those therapists who helped bring about her recovery. Overall, most were kind, caring and compassionate. May you keep up the good work! We would also like to add that the cleanliness and décor of Palm Gardens is very pleasant.

Rabbi Y.K.

Dear Staff at Palm Gardens,

Everything in the world is done by the grace of G-d. We don’t always know the reasons for the way events in life are what they are. It truly is a journey… Being in Palm Gardens has put the course of my journey in life on a unique course. I have the pleasure of watching a supervisor who has wonderful traits that we all can learn from. Her name is Ms. James. It begins by her greeting upon arriving in the nursing home. I immediately had enormous respect for her. She is a marvelous supervisor. It is said that a good leader knows how to delegate responsibilities. She does this with a firmness that awards her the respect of her staff and patients alike. She always follows through on helping with requests, both good and bad, in a respectful manner. If you are right she will say so and if you are wrong, she will try her very best to let you know so, but she does it with respect. From the time she arrives in the morning until her departure for the day, you can sense without even seeing or hearing her, that she is here doing her difficult job of running her 7th floor. Her staff stands taller, works harder and speaks of her with respect. Having one conversation with her lets you appreciate that you are in the hands of an educated woman. I truly hope that her employers appreciate and value the importance of the dedication, devotion and competence of this woman.

It would not be fair not to say that her staff helps the days go by, by working along with her. Knowing that there are others such as Miss Helena connecting with Social Worker Nicole, CNA’s like Miss Petit, Omar, Rita, Florence… I cannot name them all because I might neglect to mention someone. However, remember life is like a puzzle, until you put the last piece in, it just does not look right for it is incomplete.

Ms. James’ staff is made up of many pieces to the puzzle, but no one should ever forget that she is the last piece to go in the puzzle, which means she carries the weight on her shoulders to make the seventh floor of Palm Gardens complete.

Thank You,

Dear Sir,

We, the family, appreciate all the attention, guidance and care that has been provided to my mother – aunt by the wonderful staff on the third floor under the helm of Nadine Connor and her staff.

When my mother- aunt got to the third floor she was totally unresponsive. Several weeks later it was as if a miracle had occurred. My mother-aunt is now sitting in a wheelchair, laughing, eating and very responsive. We attribute this miracle to the care Nadine and her staff provided for her. They are extremely caring and responsive to her needs.

Nadine is terrific! Palm Gardens is very lucky have such a devoted employee as Nadine Connor.

F.H. & D.U.